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Serving the community since 1969, Robert's Jewelry specializes in all of your fine jewelry needs. Our jewelry store is located in Canton, Massachusetts, and sells an assortment of jewelry and watches. We also provide repairs, cleanings, battery replacements, and insurance appraisals. All of our pieces are available at the most affordable prices, so you won't have to go over your budget. We also offer top prices for your gold, silver, platinum, old, and broken jewelry.


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At Robert's Jewelry, we know that finding the right Engagement Ring, Necklace, or any fine jewelry is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your wants, needs, and your budget.

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Adam Migdal

Robert’s Jewelry is my family’s business and has been the focus of my interest for as far back as I can remember. From as young as age 10, I was the kid in the store doing chores such as cleaning the glass showcases, vacuuming the carpets, or polishing and redisplaying the jewelry.

Feeling sure that my future was in our business, in high school I took advantage of the many classes Brockton High offered in business management and worked at DECA, the campus retail store. My out-of-school time was spent learning the jewelry trade from my grandparents. They were the perfect examples of how a neighborhood store should operate. Treat everyone who walks in the store as a friend, worthy of every bit of your attention whether your need is an engagement ring or a battery for your watch. 

Unfortunately, we no longer have my grandparents in our lives but my father and I have been working side-by-side for the past 20 years. I’m extremely proud to be the 3rd generation proprietor at Robert’s Jewelry of Canton. 

In my spare time I enjoy going to the movies and playing golf with my wife, Kelly. But as anyone who really knows me will tell you, if I’m not working in the store I’m pursuing my true leisure passion--ice hockey.




Activities & Affiliations

• Canton Chamber of Commerce, Member
• Jeweler's Board of Trade, Member



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Michael Migdal

If I’ve learned anything in this life it is this: everyone has to go to work--so it’s important to like the work you do.
When I was young my parents moved us from Mattapan to the suburbs. Our family quickly put down roots and became part of the community. My father continued to commute to Boston where he had a jewelry and watch repair shop on Sumner Street. Flash forward several years and the Tri-Town Mall at Cobb’s Corner is going up. Having grown tired of the commute my parents together moved Dad's business to this new and very modern venue. My father continued with the watch repair and finances, while my mother met with salesmen and stocked the store. She knew just what the customers wanted and they knew they could count on Min to have the highest quality jewelry and giftware obtainable. Together they forged trust with their clientele, firmly establishing Robert's Jewelry of Canton.
Upon graduation from High School I joined my parents in the family business.  My dad taught me the importance of creating a good rapport with vendors and fellow business owners.  My mother advised me to carefully listen to the customer while assisting them in their purchases, thus to instill confidence and promote repeat business. During those early years of training I enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America, earning qualifications as a Certified Diamond Expert and Expert in Colored Stones.
I’m proud to say that Robert’s Jewelry has now served the Tri-Town area for nearly 50 years.  There have been many changes and challenges to our neighborhood business in those years.  The “big box” stores have opened jewelry counters, the internet is offering watches, clocks and pendants at ridiculous prices. Here the adage, “if it appears too good to be true, it probably is” comes to mind.  More often than not the merchandise is of poor manufacture or extremely lightweight.  By shopping in your area’s small businesses you enjoy personal service, can see and feel the product and remain connected to your community.
Together with my son, who I'm happy to have continuing in the family tradition, I would like to thank you for your trust, friendship and patronage.




Activities & Affiliations

• Canton Chamber of Commerce, Member
• Jeweler's Board of Trade, Member


• GIA Gemologist